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Newton is a great option if you're looking for a stable community to start a business or build a family! With many businesses claiming Newton as their founding location, including the Maytag organization, Newton has a strong economic system and many booming companies.

Businesses and homes alike in the Newton area face many pest challenges. Property owners in the Newton area face occasional invaders like spiders and mice as well as hitchhiker bugs like bed bugs and cockroaches. If you are tired of dealing with pest issues, you need the help of a qualified team of pest professionals.

Since 1955, Schendel Pest Control has served homes and businesses with top-quality pest control in Newton. We are committed to helping homeowners, business owners, and commercial property owners enjoy safe and pest-free environments. We have extensive experience and the proper equipment to keep your property free from pests all year. 

Newton's Choice For Residential Pest Control

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You spend hundreds of dollars protecting your home, but when it comes to pests, do you have a plan in place? Many homeowners don't realize the serious and long-term damage that pests can cause to their home's structure. Even worse, homeowner's insurance does not cover most structural damage caused by pests. Don't get stuck with costly repairs; call the professionals.

At Schendel Pest Control, we provide preventative maintenance services to keep your home protected from pests around the clock. We have a wide range of maintenance plans that meet the needs of any home and budget. Not sure which maintenance plan is best for you? Contact our friendly and helpful team, and we'd be happy to answer any of your questions! Call Schendel Pest Control today for residential pest services in Newton that exceeds your expectations.

Pest Control Solutions For Newton's Commercial Properties

If a pest problem takes you by surprise, you need the help of experienced professionals. At Schendel Pest Control, we have the training and resources to prevent the frustration that pests can cause. With regular commercial pest control services, you can keep pests at bay and eliminate unwanted surprises.

We have experience servicing commercial buildings of all types and sizes, including: 

  • Restaurants 
  • Schools
  • Medical facilities 
  • Farm properties 
  • Office buildings 
  • Retail spaces 
  • Childcare facilities 
  • Apartment buildings 
  • Condominiums 
  • And more! 

From the smallest retail space to the largest apartment complex, we have what it takes to keep your property pest-free! We also have experience serving rural properties, such as farms and grain facilities. You can trust our team to handle whatever pests come your way.

In our many years of experience, we have learned that pest issues always arise at the worst time. We are committed to providing quality pest services when you need them most. Our fast and reliable services are available to commercial property owners throughout Newton and the surrounding area. Contact us today to see how we can support your business with our effective commercial pest control services in Newtown.

Complete Cockroach Control For Newton Homes

Cockroaches are one of the most durable and hard-to-eliminate pests that we face here in Iowa. They are good at hiding and can seem almost immune to injuries. To combat cockroaches effectively, you need a professional pest control company. Store-bought or DIY remedies can't provide the complete and long-term cockroach elimination you need.

If you are concerned that you have a cockroach issue, here are a few telltale signs: 

  • Droppings: Cockroaches leave behind small and dark-colored droppings similar in size and color to coffee grounds or black pepper. 
  • Odor:  An unpleasant musty or oily smell can indicate a cockroach infestation. 
  • Eggs: Cockroach eggs are small and dark and can be found in cracks and crevices. 

If you notice signs of cockroaches in your Newton home, call professional help right away. Without immediate treatment, cockroach infestations can quickly grow and become more challenging to eliminate. Our team works to eliminate cockroach infestations at the source by using highly effective products. The products we use are not only effective, but they are also safe for you and your family members to be around.

Please contact our staff today if you need to schedule cockroach treatments for your home. We can provide you with a quote over the phone and answer any questions you might have.

Superior Ant Control All Year Long

Ants, no matter the size, can be a big nuisance to your Newton home. Because they are social creatures, if you see one ant in your home, more will likely follow. Ants can be found anywhere in your home, but just like humans, they need water to survive, which is why you will often find them in your kitchen or bathroom.

Over-the-counter treatment methods don't get to the source of the problem, which means you will often find ants lingering for weeks or even months. Don't let ant infestations get out of hand. Our technicians are equipped with the right products and methods to completely handle the entire colony of ants and give you fast results.

We have many different types of ants in Newton. Here are a few of the most common: 

  • Carpenter Ants 

  • Large Yellow Ants or Citronella Ants 

  • Odorous House Ants 

  • Sugar or Grease Ants 

  • Pavement Ants 

Call the professionals at Schendel Pest Control for fast and effective ant treatments. We are proud to serve Newton and the surrounding area with innovative pest control techniques since 1955. 

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