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Known as Iowa’s “Scenic City,” Iowa Falls boasts exceptional views everywhere you turn. There are over 100 acres of parks in Iowa Falls, making it a wonderful place to live and visit.

Being that close to the Iowa River has a few drawbacks as well. Pests that thrive in warm, damp environments invade Iowa Falls throughout every season. Spiders, mosquitoes, rodents, ants, and many other pests make their way into Iowa Falls homes and businesses, and they can be difficult to completely eradicate. If you’ve experienced pest issues in your home or commercial property, you want a team of pest control pros that you can depend on.

For over six decades, Schendel Pest Control has been providing top-notch service to the Iowa Falls community. We service a wide variety of properties in the area, from small homes to large manufacturing facilities. Rooted in Central Iowa, Schendel Pest Control knows the pest challenges that face the Iowa Falls area, and we have developed safe and highly effective methods of controlling pests of all kinds. Get in touch with our office today to schedule your visit.

Exceeding Your Expectations in Residential Pest Control

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As the cost of living increases, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their budget stretch. At Schendel Pest Control, we understand that you work hard for your money, and we strive to be the best value for the best price. Unlike other pest control companies in the Iowa Falls area, we don’t lock you into a contract that you may not need, and we don’t add on services that won’t benefit your home. We provide clear and upfront pricing for our services, so you know exactly what you are getting.

We offer both one-time services and many different maintenance plans, including monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly. Not sure what plan is right for you? Our office staff is available to answer your questions and provide you with a quote. Don’t put up with pest problems in your Iowa Falls home any longer! Call the professionals with decades of experience at Schendel Pest Control for residential pest control services in Iowa Falls.

Commercial Pest Control You Can Depend on in Iowa Falls

Commercial pest control is about more than just meeting a requirement for inspectors. With professional pest control, you can stay ahead of pest issues and protect the well-being of your business. If your commercial property is required to have regular pest control, contact Schendel Pest Control. We have the proper methods and documentation to meet the needs of any facility in the Iowa Falls area.

Pests like cockroaches or mice in your commercial facility can cause big headaches for you and for your staff. Our regular maintenance plans prevent these issues from popping up, and with our warranty, you’ll have our full attention if they do.

As a business owner or commercial property owner, you have plenty of things going on to fill your schedule. Turn over your pest worries to Schendel Pest Control and free up time in your schedule. We offer hassle-free scheduling, easy payment methods, and excellent customer service. Commercial pest control has never been easier with the help of the pros at Schendel Pest Control.

Whether you own a small retail space or a large manufacturing facility, Schendel Pest Control has the proper products and methods to keep your space pest free. For over 65 years, we have helped Iowa Falls business owners enjoy a comfortable and pest-free working environment. Check out the commercial properties that we service in the Iowa Falls community.

  • Agricultural facilities

  • Apartment buildings

  • Childcare or daycare facilities

  • Medical facilities

  • Office buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Retail spaces

  • Schools

  • Storage units

  • And more!

No matter your business or industry, the team at Schendel has the tools to deliver a customized solution to keep you pest-free and in business. Give us a call today for more information about our comprehensive commercial pest control options in Iowa Falls.  

Pest Control for Every Season in Iowa Falls

With every new season, homeowners in Iowa Falls deal with a new type of pest. That’s why we have created a year-round maintenance plan to keep your home protected 24/7. When it comes to pest control, an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. With consistent, professional pest control treatments, you can prevent a wide variety of pests and the damage that they can cause. For consistent coverage, try our quarterly pest control plan. With this plan, you receive four services per year, performed every three months. Learn more about the seasonal services that we provide and how they can help protect your home.

  • Spring: In the early spring, we often see higher rain totals in the Iowa Falls area, and rain can bring in a variety of pests. As the warm rains begin, pests like ants and spiders can be pushed inside your home. Our quarterly maintenance visit is designed to eliminate these pests before they get inside your home.

  • Summer: It’s no secret that summer brings an influx of pests. As the temperatures rise in Iowa Falls, pests like earwigs, crickets, and centipedes can find their way into your home. With consistent pest control treatments, you can prevent these pests from ruining your summer.

  • Autumn: While the autumn season boasts beautiful colors around Iowa Falls, it can also be a very busy time of year for pests. As the crops are harvested, we notice a lot of activity from pests like beetles and field mice. Spiders can also find their way into your home and plan to stay throughout the entire winter season. With a professional pest control application in the fall, you can prevent big pest issues later.

  • Winter: Once the frost settles in, pests run for cover in your home. Winter months in Iowa Falls can also bring a lot of moisture, which is key to pest growth. While many Iowa Falls homeowners may think that a winter application is not necessary, it is vital to keep your home pest-free throughout the rest of the year.

Complete Asian Lady Beetle and Box Elder Bug Control in Iowa Falls

Every fall season, homes around Iowa Falls are invaded by Asian Lady Beetles and Box Elder bugs. These pests are not only a nuisance in the fall, but they can create issues in the late-winter to early-spring season as well. Asian Lady Beetles and Box Elder bugs enter your home around the peaks and soffit area and spend the winter in your attic and wall voids. On a sunny day in February or March, these bugs can make their way down to your living space, causing a major annoyance. At Schendel Pest Control, we have created a highly effective treatment to eliminate these pests from your home.

For complete Asian Lady Beetle and Box Elder bug control, we recommend scheduling a fall perimeter treatment, typically in September or October. This treatment is applied near the roofline, along the soffit and facia. By tackling these pests before they get inside, you can save yourself a big headache later in the season. We have been providing our fall perimeter treatments for homes in Iowa Falls for over 65 years, and we have many customers that are very impressed with its effectiveness. Whether you live within the city limits or in a rural area, the fall perimeter treatment can be a help to you. To put a stop to these pests completely, call the professionals at Schendel Pest Control. Contact us today, and we can add you to our fall list. 

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