Sentricon® Termite Control System In Marshalltown, IA

Protect Your Home From Termites With Sentricon®

Schendel Pest Control is a certified local operator of the Sentricon® system. Sentricon® is the number one brand in termite protection, uniquely developed to eliminate existing termite colonies and prevent new ones from forming. If you want peace of mind knowing that your property has the best possible termite protection in Marshalltown, contact Schendel Pest Control today to learn more about the Sentricon® system.

Why Choose The Sentricon® System For Termite Control?

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The Sentricon® system is one of the most advanced termite control systems on the market today.

This system has numerous advantages:

  • It is based on scientific information about termite behavior.
  • It works fast; if termites are nearby, they will find the bait stations and begin to die off.
  • The system wipes out the entire colony, including the queen.
  • The bait stations are safe for children, pets, and plants.
  • The system typically only needs to be serviced once per year, offering maximum convenience and flexibility.
  • The bait stations will prevent future infestations in addition to eliminating existing colonies.

For more information about the benefits of the Sentricon® system, contact Schendel Pest Control, your Certified Sentricon Specialist® in Marshalltown.

Our Sentricon® Termite Control Process


Your termite control specialist will inspect your property and identify the optimal locations for the Sentricon® bait stations. Our experts will install the stations in the ground, and the system will begin its work.

Colony Elimination & Prevention

Worker termites will find the stations while foraging for food and will consume the bait and bring it back to the rest of the colony. Soon, the entire colony and its queen will be eliminated. If any new termites access your property, they will find the bait, and the cycle will repeat itself, resulting in long-term termite protection for your home.

Follow Up

Your Certified Sentricon Specialist® will visit once per year to inspect and service each bait station. This ensures that the system is always operating at peak performance. We will come at a time that is convenient for you, and you do not even need to be at home during the service visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sentricon® system safe for kids and pets?

The system is safe for homes with children and pets. Firstly, the bait stations are located in the ground with only its cover visible, which can only be opened with a key. Secondly, the active ingredient in the Sentricon® system does not affect people or pets.

Do I need any additional products for termite control?

The Sentricon® system is a standalone solution that does not require any additional products or equipment to work. It is designed to work effectively long-term with annual service. The system not only destroys active termite colonies, it also prevents future infestations.

How can I prevent termites on my property?

The best way to prevent termites is by using the Sentricon® system. Even if you’ve never had a termite problem, being proactive is a great way to ensure that your property remains termite-free. There are also ways to make your home less attractive to termites, such as limiting wood-to-soil contact, addressing moisture issues, and sealing any potential entry points for termite swarmers.

Get Powerful Termite Protection With The Sentricon® System And Schendel Pest Control

Termites can wreak havoc on your property, causing thousands of dollars worth of property damage. At Schendel Pest Control, we are experienced, trained, and certified Marshalltown Sentricon® system specialists. We have been in business since 1955 and are a third-generation, family-owned and operated company. When you work with us, you can depend on our experience and commitment to serving our community with effective pest control services. If you want the best termite control solution for your Marshalltown home, contact us today for a free in-person inspection.

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