Termites In Marshalltown: A Helpful Identification And Control Guide

termites up close

Marshalltown homeowners often have to deal with termite infestations. Termites have a long history of damaging homes in the area, and the problem is growing worse. Termite infestations are a growing problem all over the country, and Marshalltown is no exception. Each year the number of termite infestations grows, and each year unfortunate homeowners have to repair the damage they cause.

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How To Identify Termite Damage

Here are some ways to tell if termites have come to visit your home:

  • Leaks: If termites chew through to the outside, your home may begin leaking.
  • Holes in walls: Termites can sometimes chew small holes through interior walls.
  • Misaligned windows/doors: As home structures shift, misalignments may emerge.
  • Sagging floors: When termites damage floor structures, they may begin to sag.

These are some of the ways that termites can damage your home. If you have termites in your Marshalltown home, you need termite treatments.

Exactly How Quickly Termites Destroy Property

Termite infestations start small. When termites send out members of their colony to start a new one, any colony that is established is small, numbering only a few individuals. As time progresses, however, the colony grows and so does the damage. Termite queens, depending on the species, can lay between 20,000 and 30,000 eggs per day if conditions are right. Worse, once the colony grows to a certain size, termites will send out flying termites known as ‘alates’ in order to establish new colonies. If one termite colony in your home is bad, more than one is certainly worse. If you have a termite problem, it is critical to address it as soon as possible.

Schendel Pest Control experts know how to get rid of termites, and we can help you get rid of yours. Get in touch with us today to get help with termites.

How To Identify And Remove Factors That Attract Termites

There are several things you can do around your property to decrease your chances of having to deal with a termite infestation:

  • Elevate wood piles: Wood piles on the ground will bring termites running.
  • Eliminate stumps: Where you see a stump, termites see a fantastic meal.
  • Clean clutter: Pests of all types love to explore and nest in clutter.
  • Seal your home: Termites can exploit home openings to come inside. 
  • Seal leaks: Termites are drawn to soft, wet wood, and will come to eat it.

Doing the above things can help decrease your chances of having to deal with termites, but can’t prevent them from coming. If termites do come, so can we. Stat Pest Control is the best termite company near you, and we know how to get rid of termites fast. Contact us today to get started on our effective termite control services in Marshalltown.

Professional Termite Control Is The Best Termite Control Solution

Termite infestations can be difficult to identify, and termites can be nearly impossible to eliminate using DIY pest control methods. Any treatment effort that allows termites to remain in your home guarantees that they will continue damaging your home, and guarantees that your frustration and anxiety will continue to grow. Don’t try to go it alone. If you are struggling with a termite infestation today, call us immediately. Stat Pest Control professionals know how to do termite removal, and we can not only help you get termites out of your house but can help you keep them from coming back. Call Stat Pest Control today, to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Marshalltown.

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