Bed Bug Infestations In Marshalltown: What You Should Know

close up of bed bug

When you're sleeping in your comfortable bed, the last thing you want is to worry about critters bugging you. Bed bugs can bug you with crawling and nippy little bites. That's not a recipe for restful sleep!

If you're dealing with bed bugs, call us for pest control in Marshalltown. Our experts here at Schendel Pest Control are here to restore your regimen of getting 8 hours of sleep. Take back your bed with the help of our experienced professionals by giving us a call today.

How To Tell If You Have A Bed Bug Problem

There are some sure signs that let you know you're dealing with a bed bug infestation in Marshalltown. The following factors can shed some light on the matter when it comes to how to know if you have bed bugs.

If you're seeing small, reddish-brown fecal spots on your bedding, upholstery, or walls, bed bugs are probably the culprits. Seeing their molt skins, eggs, or eggshells in these areas can also be an indication that you need bed bug control.

You might even see one of the critters themselves. They have a mahogany or reddish-brown color, while their baby nymphs are colorless. Their bodies are about ¼ of an inch long.

If you have bed bug bites on your arms and legs, it's time to call the professionals. While these bites are essentially harmless, they can get itchy or swell, which doesn't make for the best night's sleep.

Why Bed Bugs Like To Bite Sleeping People

Bed bugs are quite comfy when they're nestled in your cozy bed. Their bites don't appear for two or three days, so if you think you might have them but haven't seen any bites, that could be why.

They love warm-blooded animals to feed on but prefer to bite humans over any other option. They're opportunists, making the most out of your exposed skin at night. When you're not watching or moving, these little Marshalltown pests think it's the perfect time to have some dinner.

It's important to note that their bites don't pose a significant health risk! While allergic reactions can occur, they're rarely significant. Itchy, swollen welts are practically the worst-case scenario from a bed bug bite - but it doesn't make them fun to deal with.

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs That Actually Work

If you've ever had to deal with this issue, you probably want to know how to prevent bed bugs. They're sneaky, but with the right actions, you can fend them off before they shack up with you.

As we said, bed bugs are opportunists - and that extends to their notorious ability to hitchhike. They travel into your home, getting carried from place to place. They latch onto your materials so they can snuggle up with you.

There are some ways to keep bed bugs out of your Marshalltown home.

  • Clean your belongings and clothes after being in crowded spaces or using public transport.
  • Keep your luggage in a big trash bag when staying in a hotel.
  • Vacuum and clean your belongings after staying in a hotel.
  • Clean clothes with hot water after staying in a hotel.
  • Thoroughly inspect and clean any second-hand furniture, mattresses, or box springs before use.

Keep these factors in mind, and you'll help to keep bed bugs out of your Marshalltown home. Take these measures before returning home whenever possible. They're extremely elusive pests, so it's easier to stop them from getting inside than it is to get rid of them. When you do need to get them out, call on our local experts for bed bug control in Marshalltown.

Turn To The Professionals As Soon As You See A Bed Bug

As soon as you see a bed bug, it's time to call Schendel Pest Control! Bed bugs in Marshalltown are difficult to get rid of once they've made their bed - but we've got you covered. We'll get your bed back to being a place of rest rather than being a place for them to nest.