The Key To Effective Termite Prevention For Your Marshalltown Home


Are you the type of person who only focuses on problems that are right in front of you, or do you also think about other things that might go wrong on any given day? Neither of these approaches to life is inherently wrong; however, one might get you in trouble with termites. These destructive insects do not announce their presence when they invade area homes. Unless you think about these pests now, you might suffer the consequences later. To help you with this, here are some things to consider about termites and everything you need to control these pests around your Marshalltown property.

About The Termite Caste System

There are nearly 2,000 different types of termites around the globe. However, the only prevalent species in our area are eastern subterranean termites. These destructive insects live in large nests underground and use tunnels to bridge the gap between tasty wood nearby. There are castes of workers, soldiers, and reproductives within each colony. Workers are in charge of expanding tunnels and gathering nearby food. Soldiers use their large mandibles to fend off predators and other insects that cause problems. Finally, reproductives lay and fertilize eggs as well as assign roles to new members.

Why Termites Infest And Destroy Wooden Structures

Subterranean termites are picky eaters; this is to say, they will not eat dry or treated wood. These pests only consume wood structures that are water-damaged, rotting, or softened in other ways. If you cut a tree down in your yard and leave it there, termites will not start eating it until after it becomes wet and starts to decay. The same is true for your home. If your structural wood has been negatively affected by damaged gutters, interior leaks, humidity, or other similar factors, termites will want to invade. The only thing that limits these pests is entry points. If your home’s structural wood directly touches exterior soil, termites will have no problem invading. In the same way, if your home’s foundation has cracks and gaps that lead upwards, termites will use these to access your home’s wood. If neither of these options is available, termites may build pencil-sized mud tubes up exterior concrete. These mud tubes are just one of many signs of termites our experts use to identify infestations.

Termite Inspections Are Key To Successful Termite Prevention

Regardless of whether you suspect your home has a termite infestation or not, we highly recommend investing in a detailed inspection. The inspection is absolutely free if you choose Schendel Pest Control for your termite control needs. We want to make sure homeowners in our area have easy access to peace of mind. All you need to do is schedule an appointment for your property. We will send a technician your way for a no-obligation inspection.

The Key To Total Termite Prevention And Control For Your Home

Termites do not destroy homes overnight. It takes these pests months of silent chewing to cause serious damage. They do, however, eat away at the wood continuously 24/7, never sleeping in between. To protect your home from destructive termites, invest in a year-round protection plan. At Schendel Pest Control, we offer two forms of termites control, Sentricon® and Termidor. Sentricon® is a bait system, and Termidor uses ground injected liquid repellents. After a detailed inspection, your technicians will tell you what they recommend for your individual property.

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