Signs You Should Consider Mosquito Reduction Services In Marshalltown

mosquito on skin

For more than 50 years, Schendel Pest Control has managed local pests and the problems they cause with our effective pest control solutions in action. This experience has granted us a unique skillset, making us confident about pest control in Marshalltown. Mosquitoes are one of the lowest pollinators on the food chain. They support life for bigger animals like spiders, cockroaches, frogs, turtles, fish, bats, and birds, and there are a lot of mosquitoes. Due to climate change, the mosquito population has risen over the last decade relating to longer breeding seasons.

What Causes Mosquito Infestations?

Mosquito infestations are caused by habitat. These pests need moisture, shade, and access to food to live. Mosquitoes are small pests that are easy to kill. In the daytime, if they don’t have access to shade and water, they quickly dehydrate and perish. Standing water and a shaded area around your home are where mosquitoes will shelter during the day, and if it is constant enough, they will stay and breed.

The males do not bite; they eat only nectar and pollinate plants. The females eat nectar and pollinate plants, but they will take a blood meal when they are breeding. A female mosquito can lay up to 200 eggs after she has taken a meal.

What Are Ways I Can Prevent A Mosquito Infestation?

The best way to keep mosquitoes away is to treat standing water for mosquitoes. Your birdbath’s water level should be kept low and dumped periodically. Birds prefer to bathe in shallow water. The water's depth and bird activity won’t suffice for mosquitoes. Or install an aerator; these devices need water depth. Add flagstones into a birdbath with an aerator if you want birds to use it. If you are trying to fix a marshy area, consider adding rock or stone to that area of your yard.

Non-native tropical plants are an option you have for repelling mosquitoes. For example, lemongrass keeps mosquitoes away, and it’ll look and smell amazing and can be the start of your brand-new mosquito-free rain garden.

While many non-native plants are natural mosquito repellents, some discussions question their long-term impact on the environment. Safe pest control handled by trained professionals to control mosquito population combined with steadfast yard care and home upkeep is a sustainable long-term solution to mosquito problems.

What Are The Health Risks Of Mosquito Infestations?

Mosquitoes are not born with diseases to spread; instead, the female mosquito is a vector for many zoonotic diseases. Although not all diseases are spread to humans, like heartworms that only affect dogs and cats, some do.

Human diseases caused by mosquitoes include:

  • Chikungunya
  • Dengue
  • Tularemia
  • Encephalitis 
  • Malaria
  • West Nile virus
  • Zika virus

Not all of these diseases are local, and most occur from outbreaks due to travelers. There is no way to totally get rid of mosquitoes for good as they are an important part of the ecosystem around us, but because of the diseases they spread, we must maintain control of these pests. Mosquitoes bite the most between April and September, but they have been active for longer periods due to rising temperatures over the last few years.

How Can I Get These Mosquitoes To Get Away From My Property?

Pest control includes layered protection. To rid your property of mosquitoes entirely, you should periodically rely on professionals to spray your yard. It doesn’t take heavy pesticides to manage mosquitoes; they are fragile insects that cannot survive easily without shade or moisture in the sun. If you are planning an outdoor event or are overrun with mosquitoes, Schendel Pest Control is quality pest control with affordable pricing that you can rely on. Give us a call and get started on our effective home pest control and commercial pest control services.