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Bed Bug Control In Marshalltown, IA

Bed Bugs Mean Trouble For Your Marshalltown Home

We've all heard the phrase, "Don't let the bed bugs bite!" For many people, the secret to bed bug prevention is merely keeping a clean and tidy home; unfortunately, bed bugs do not care about how clean your home is. Instead, these tiny, hitchhiking pests migrate from place to place by catching a ride in luggage or on clothing. Once they make it indoors, these insects hide in soft furnishings such as beds, chairs, and sofas; then, at the first opportunity, they will feed undetected from people and pets while they sleep. While bed bugs aren't known for spreading bacteria or diseases, their bites leave itchy, red welts on our skin that may become infected when scratched excessively.

If you discover bug bites and wonder where they came from, you may be suffering from a bed bug infestation. This type of pest infestation is among the most difficult to treat, as what begins as localized activity can very quickly become a widespread infestation. When you suspect bed bugs may be biting in your home, it is time to take action. Fortunately, the professional team at Schendel Pest Control has the expertise needed to eliminate these problematic pests from your Marshalltown home. Our local, family owned and operated pest control company offers several treatment options to get rid of pests for good!

Our Marshalltown, IA Bed Bug Treatment Options

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Bed bugs are challenging pests to handle on your own; their small size and painless bites make it easy for them to go undetected for a long time while their numbers grow. Because they have such a high reproduction rate, it is essential to eliminate every egg, nymph, and adult bed bug to end the infestation effectively. Here at Schendel Pest Control, we have the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to treat any home or business for bed bugs.

Each service begins with an interior and exterior bed bug inspection. Our team will seek evidence of bed bug activity throughout your entire home, looking for common signs of bed bugs such as the following:

  • A strong, musty odor
  • Dark spots of bed bug excrement
  • Eggs and egg casings
  • Rusty, red stains on sheets and mattresses

Once we locate the source of the bed bug activity, we can begin treating your home. We offer two unique bed bug control methods depending on the scale of your infestation.

Chemical Treatment

Our chemical treatment requires you to be away from home for two to three hours. Please remove all bedding before we begin. We use a chemical product based on the chrysanthemum flower, providing a safe and effective treatment option. This method has seen great success but does require some patience; Because no chemical can penetrate the bed bug egg sack, we will plan to return for follow-up visits for two weeks, and additional visits may occur if needed. If you follow our instructions and proceed with scheduled return visits, you can expect your home to become bed bug-free!

Heat Treatment

Heat treatments are a non-chemical approach that penetrates wall cavities, mattresses, and other tough-to-reach areas where bed bugs may hide. To start, we will provide a list of preparation steps you need to take that include removing the following items from your home:

  • Alcohol products
  • Art supplies
  • Combustibles, such as lighters
  • House plants
  • Medicine
  • Smoke detectors
  • Vinyl items
  • Wax candles

You should expect to be away from home for up to nine hours while we complete our treatment. Additional prep includes:

  • Removing, cleaning, and drying bedding.
  • Removing all objects from your walls.
  • Unplugging all electronics.

By applying a high heat evenly throughout the structure, we can fully eliminate bed bugs at all stages of life, wherever they may be hiding. Our heat treatment is a one-time service backed by our bug-free guarantee. If bed bug activity persists after our service is complete, we will return at no extra cost. 

Please note that our Bed Bug Heat Treatment warranty is only good for 60 days.

For effective bed bug control customized to your unique needs, contact Schendel Pest Control today!

Why Do I Have A Problem With Bed Bugs?

There are many ways bed bugs can get into your home. These pests are skilled hitchhikers, grabbing onto you or your belongings while you are out in public spaces. Some of the most well-known methods for preventing bed bugs from entering your home include the following:

  • Avoid bringing used furniture into your house.
  • Don't store items under your bed.
  • Remove clutter from the floor.
  • Store items in plastic containers when traveling.
  • Use bed bug-proof encasements.
  • Wash all clothes on the highest heat setting they can handle when returning from a trip and clean your luggage.

Keeping Bed Bugs From Biting

Of course, the most effective way to control bed bugs is by consulting with a professional. When you reach out to Schendel Pest Control, you will receive the highest standards of professional pest control in Marshalltown, backed by over 50 years of experience serving our communities. For the common sense approach to pest control, contact Schendel Pest Control today!

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