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Who We Are

Schendel Pest Control

With over 50 years serving homes and businesses in and around Marshalltown, we, at Schendel Pest Control, strive to continue to be your choice in general pest control. Our technicians are educated and skilled in classes presented by Iowa State and Purdue University. They are prepared to not only control pests, but find them as well. We can identify and locate the source of any pest problem we encounter in your area and solve it!

We pride ourselves in our high standards of performance and customer service. Our treatment programs are based on as little intrusion into your daily life as possible. You’ll find that we go the extra mile to solve your pest problems. Give us a try! Call today!

We serve a 60 mile radius of Marshalltown (Newton, Grinnell, Tama, Toledo, Traer, Gladbrook, Grundy Center, Reinbeck, Eldora, Iowa Falls, Nevada, State Center, Melbourne, Baxter, Ames, Story City, Monroe).

Why Hire a Professional

Pests can damage your home and harm the people inside. What’s the most effective way to eliminate pests? It’s not found on the shelves of the hardware store. For safe and lasting extermination you should hire a professional pest control service.

  • Professional pest control services have access to more advanced products. Completely removing pests from your home often requires more advanced products than you can purchase at the hardware store. A licensed pest control technician will have access to more advanced and safer products, and they will also know how to safely and effectively distribute these products.
  • Professional pest control can save you money. Many people think that professional pest control is too expensive for them to consider. However, hiring a pest control company may save you money over time. Many pests and rodents can cause major damage to your home, which could cost you large amounts of money. Hiring professional pest control is an important investment when it comes to the safety of your home.
  • Professional pest control technicians have had much training and experience. The most important reason why you should hire a professional is the amount of training that they have received. Professional pest control technicians are licensed and receive many hours of training each year to maintain their licenses. Professional technicians have also had much experience dealing with the pests that you are dealing with. Because of their training and experience, professional technicians are great resource to help keep your home environment safe and comfortable.

Why Choose Us


Not only are you supporting your community by choosing local pest control, but you are also ensuring that you get the best service for your specific pest needs. We know your area because it's our area too. We understand the variety of Iowa seasons and pests, and we have created effective programs to consistently deal with them.


We always have and always will make every effort to give you the best service at the best price. You work hard for your money, and we work hard to make sure that it's well spent. Compare our prices to other companies and see the difference!


Since 1955, we have worked hard to build a positive reputation in your community. Although we have been dealing with the same Iowa pests for decades, we are constantly updating how we deal with these pests with new methods and products. No matter your pest, we have had decades of experience with it, and we are prepared to take care of it for you.


Since the day we opened our doors, it has been our policy to treat our customers like customers--not numbers. We strive to build trust and a strong relationship with each of our customers. We also make an effort to get to know you and your home so that we can best meet your specific pest needs.